INTSIG endeavors to provide business and productivity apps and solutions to individuals, professionals and enterprises to make business information accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. Partnering with us to resell our products and solutions will help grow your business. You will be compensated by purchasing at a discounted margin at MSRP or at a partner defined price. You will also help your customers to cut their paper clutter and ultimately boost their business productivity. As a reseller partner, you will have access to any of our products, marketing and resale recourses and dedicated support to meet your customers’ needs and grow your business.
Why Partner with Us
100 Million People Know About Us
More than 100 million users are now loving our products and solutions. Featured as the best business and productivity apps by Time, New York Times, BBC and etc. So when you are selling our products and solutions to your customers, no surprised to see they will get interested and excited.
End-to-end Reseller Support
We provide reseller partners with end-to-end technical and sales support to make partners ready for sale or support. Partners are encouraged to leverage INTSIG product marketing and sales resources.
Generate New Revenue Streams
To sell INTSIG products will generate new revenue stream for your exciting portfolio and the high customer satisfaction and retention rates of our products will make it easy to create a solid business base for reseller partners.
Partner Responsibilities
Sales Materials
Video Promos
Partner Logos with Status Level
Demo Environment
INTSIG App / Solution for Internal Use
Generate Qualified Leads
Define INTSIG Pricing for Product
Subscriptions and Licenses
Sell INTSIG Subscriptions and Licenses
Maintain INTSIG Sales and Technical
Deliver INTSIG Products and Solutions
Maintain Customer Relationship