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CamCard for Tradeshow
CamCard for Tradeshow is the best business card scanning and management solution dedicated to trade show exhibitors. It makes it extremely easy and quick to read business card information, manage cards and export to CRM.
Scan Business Cards & QR Code
Quickly scan and read business cards and QR code in 16 languages; Advanced Cloud Recognition service ensures 100% information accuracy
Role-based Collaboration
Having team members share a company account, you centralize all the leads in one place. Provide employees with access only to the appropriate levels of information
Export Leads with Notes
Add customizable checkboxes to quickly take notes about every lead. Export leads with comprehensive information for a better communication
Follow Up with Leads
Impress your potential clients with one-tap thank-you email right after you meet; CRM integration improves and speeds up the follow-up process
Capture and collect all the leads at tradeshow, never lose a lead
Cloud recognition ensures 100% accurate contact information
Effective and efficient lead tracking and follow-up increase lead engagement