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Credit Card Scanning SDK
Empower your apps with our credit card scanning SDK. Scan card number, valid through date, holder name to validate the card in real-time.
Read Card Number, Expiration Date and Holder Name
Besides nearly 100% accurate card number reading, our unique technology let your app read the very important information card expiration date and holder name. We support the vast majority of credit cards with 14 to 16 digits
Fast (less than 1 second) and Accurate
With Credit Card Scanning SDK, your app can read credit card in less than 1 second. Also, it comes out with the best level of accuracy and performs good even in low light shooting
Easy Scanning
Your customers can scan their credit cards in any way they want – Portrait, landscape, or upside down. It can do well with all of them
Safe and Secure
Your data is secure with us. We do not store or transmit credit card information
Effortless Integration within One Hour
Credit Card Scanning SDK integrates seamlessly into your mobile app with about 1 hour of developer time. Our API and SDK are designed to get you up and running very quickly
Get more revenue and higher customer satisfaction by saving your customers two minutes of precious time to manually enter card information
Works with your checkout flow. Implementation is fully configurable to match your existing checkout flow to incorporating the Scan button in your checkout page
Easy & customizable integration. The integration can be done within one hour. We can customize it in keeping with your mobile app checkout flow