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Welcome to INTSIG! (, hereinafter referred to as “Our Website”) Our Website is created and managed by INTSIG. The term “INTSIG”, “we” or “us” means INTSIG Information Co., Ltd, a limited company established and existing under the laws of PR China and registered in Shanghai.

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In order to provide you with a better service, we may record and analyze the information which related to your use and the way of use to Our Website etc., including but not limited to: device information such as hardware model, operating system version and system activities etc., log information such as IP address and pages viewed etc., and information of Web Beacon or Cookie and so on.


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Limit of Liabilities

The contents of Our Website are for publicity purpose only. We shall not be responsible for any losses caused by the use of Our Website, including but not restricted to losses of gain, losses of data or damage of service interruption etc., whether it is resulted by use or out of use of Our Website, or caused by any of linked website or the information in these websites.

Changes of Services & Amendments of Statements

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