In the hotel industry, every single day, guests spend much time at the front desk for the check-in processes. Manually entering and maintaining the guests’ identity documents are extremely time-consuming and more importantly, degrade the guest satisfaction. Therefore, quickly and accurately entering data into the data management system is the challenge for every hotel. CamCard for ID is a solution to automate the data entry and image capturing process, which not only enables staffs to work faster, simpler and error free, but also helps improve customer satisfaction.
For sales, marketing and other divisions in hotels, to manage vendors or partners database is a headache. CamCard Business is a business card scanning and management solution. Users can scan or manually input business cards using various devices such as smartphones, tablets, scanner-connected PC. More importantly, administrators can set or customize administrative console, providing employees with different accesses only to the appropriate levels of information.
Solutions and Products
CamCard for ID enables you to quickly and accurately scan and recognize personal information in identity documents.
CamCard Business is a business card scanning solution for enterprises and SMEs, which boosts productivity by cutting data-entry time.
Key Benefits
Save manpower by automating the data entry and image capturing process
Minimize the waiting time for guests
Optimize customer experience at check-in
Process the international or domestic standard identity documents
Quickly find guests information by searching texts within scanned documents
Efficiently organize guests information
for future marketing efforts